Using familiar agricultural cooperatives as a model, The Authenticity Alliance is an "Authenticity growers' cooperative" - a network of enterprises and individuals whose mission is to "grow" Authenticity in the digital world.

Authenticity combines old, proven AC technology with old, proven methods from real estate to bring real accountability to online spaces, providing real security and real privacy to all who choose to use it.

What is AC?

WHO is the Authenticity Alliance?

The Authenticity Alliance is comprised of


Authenticity Enterprises that provide Authenticity solutions for the inauthenticity pains in a specific market or industry.

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People who understand the problems of inauthenticity that plague the world's information infrastructure and the way Authenticity solves those problems, and who want to play a part in helping others to see those solutions.

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WHAT does The Authenticity Alliance do?

The Authenticity Alliance is the "engine" that is building Authentiverse™
following the design specifications of the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure.

HOW does The Authenticity Alliance work?

Think of The Authenticity Alliance as an

"Authenticity Growers Cooperative"

Similar to those familiar agricultural cooperatives in the physical world, The Authenticity Alliance is a network of enterprises and individuals whose purpose is to "grow" Authenticity and bring it to the digital world.


The Authenticity Alliance Strategy for incremental implementation of Authenticity