About Insecurity

The illusion of security

Right now, you have just entered a "secure" space. The connection between your computer and ours is now quite secure. While you're here, our computer knows that yours is the one that started this session, yours knows the same thing about ours, and we have the mutual comfort of knowing that intruders on our conversation can neither decipher nor alter its content.

But wait ... who ARE you?

Now let's talk about people, not computers.

Do you know who we are?

Do we know who you are?

We only know that the identities of the computers that started the session have not changed. We know nothing about the people operating those computers.

We have to take a lot on faith.

IDENTITY, not faith!

Faith is not a good basis for matters of identity in online environments. Despite the lock icon on your browser screen, despite the SSL behind this session, we need to do more for this connection to be secure.

Identity is the Foundation of Security™.

Let the companies of The Authenticity Alliance help you make your company's information resources secure - and manageable:

  • Through establishment of measurably reliable identities
  • By designing and building online spaces upon a foundation of reliable identities, PKI Done Right™, and InDoor™ standards and practices