About Security

Security? What security?

After spending millions of dollars on network security, corporations still have major security problems.

Meanwhile, your ATM card allows your bank to dispense cash with confidence from a machine on a city sidewalk.

The technology used by your ATM card is more ancient than the floppy disk. So why are bank ATM networks generally secure, while corporate information networks, in spite of continuous investment in the latest security technology, are barely able to keep ahead of intruders?


The difference is not about technology. The difference is about assumptions and architecture.

Your bank's ATM network starts with the premise that knowing who you are is the foundation of security.

If a trusted co-worker asked you to share your ATM card and associated PIN, what would you say? Of course, they'd never ask in the first place.

If that co-worker asked you for your network password, what would you say? In many companies, collaborative work gets done by sharing access credentials, in spite of rules against it.

REAL security is different

The companies of The Authenticity Alliance bring real security and manageability to clients in their target markets

  • Through establishment of measurably reliable identities
  • By designing and building online spaces upon a foundation of reliable identities, PKI Done Right™, and InDoor™ standards and practices