Member Enterprises

Delivering Authenticity to target audiences and markets

Using a common set of tools, procedures and standards provided by The Authenticity Institute, Inc., each Authenticity Enterprise brings Authenticity solutions to organizations and individuals in its target market in order to solve problems caused by inauthenticity that market. The Authenticity Enterprises listed here are in various stages of development.


Providing services to other Authenticity Enterprises

The Authenticity Institute, Inc. licenses the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure and its components to the other Authenticity Enterprises and provides a variety of business services to them, including training and certification, web development, hosting, billing and accounting, ongoing supervision, and recruitment of team members, board members and investors.

Authenticity Capital serves angel investors and crowdsourcing participants by providing opportunities to participate in the development of one or more Authenticity Enterprises.

Reliable Identities, Inc. is a commercial enterprise that manages face-to-face and remote enrollments.

The Council of Attestation Officers recruits and qualifies Attestation Officer candidates from among notary signing agents, Latin notaries, justices of the peace, court reporters, etc.

The Osmio Professional Licensing Board qualifies and licenses Attestation Officers and other Authenticity professionals.

The Osmio Vital Records Department certifies identities and their assessed Identity Quality scores.


Internet Child Protection, Inc . provides an authenticity-enabled social media platform that enables "mommie bloggers" to offer their own social networks to children whose ages are well verified and disclosed as part of their identity quality record.

Parry Advisory helps financial institutions eliminate the problem of synthetic identities (accounts held in the names of fraudulent identities), account takeover issues, and other challenges borne of the inauthenticity epidemic.

Global Villages, Inc. serves publishers, associations, and other audience aggregators with their own independently branded and operated social network, built upon the Village® authenticity-enabled social media platform, allowing organizations and their customers to know with measurable certainty the identities of users of their social networks.

Authentic EHR, providing measurably reliable identities to the healthcare industry

HSM-ID, providing measurably reliable identities to the management of servers of the crytographic keys that secure an enterprise's most sensitive information

Authentic Data Rooms providing measurably reliable identities and InDoor technology to operators of online "data rooms" where participants in M&A transactions share deal-related documents.

Authentic Key Management provides PCI and state compliance solutions via encryption key management and tokenization.

Reliable OpenID offers RelOID, an OpenID-compatible Osmio VRD identity credential

Applied Authenticity provides the Roadster™ secure, authenticity-enabled browser and the Door™ client software providing access to InDoor™ facilities.

AuthentiCIP, providing measurably reliable identities to operators of critical infrastructure facilities (electric power generation and distribution, water supply, Internet hosting and transport, etc.)

AuthentiBank, providing measurably reliable identities to banking and financial services industries

AuthentiMatch, Inc. allows operators of resource sharing sites (sharing of cars, apartments, equipment, etc. among strangers), dating services, and online communities to provide accountability to their users.

Authentrus helps members of boards of directors bring the benefits of accountability-based security into the organizations for which they are responsible.

Authentic NFT brings provenance and titles to the world of non-fungible tokens.

InDoor Accounting, Inc. will provide a hosted version of the NolaPro accounting system inside facilities with occupancy permits (also serves QEA member enterprises.)

Identity Fortress is a commercial enterprise that markets the MyOwnInformation privacy protection product to vendors of identity theft protection services.

AuthentiGoods provides digitally signed authenticity devices to manufacturers who suffer from counterfeiters of their products.

The ZK Group provides the MyOwnInformation privacy protection product.

Abyx Properties provides OpenSocial compliant InDoor™ facilities for social networks including MyOwnOffice and MyOwnHome.

SquareByte recruits open source developers and others to train and qualify for Architect, Contractor and Building Inspector professional licenses

The Osmium Group is a commercial enterprise that will provide wallets, i.e. tokens, smartcards, and the Audrey device that plugs into phones, pdas, media players, etc.

PKI Press publishes books about Authenticity for target audiences.

Authenticity University offers courses about Authenticity.


Village of East Osmio IDQA illustration shows how an identity can be asserted without disclosing anything about that identity. Roll the mouse cursor over the shadowed head, then over the word "name", then over the foot, noticing the changes.


The greatest inflection points happen when an entrepreneur offers what people want but didn't know they could have. Authenticity is an eminently producible product that is desperately needed.

And you can be the one to bring the news to your audience: they can have Authenticity!

Learn how the enterprises of the Authenticity Alliance bring Authenticity to their chosen markets and audiences, built upon the acclaimed Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure tools from The Authenticity Institute.