Delivering Authenticity to target audiences and markets

Using a common set of tools, procedures and standards provided by The Authenticity Institute, Inc., each Authenticity Enterprise brings Authenticity solutions to organizations and individuals in its target market in order to solve problems caused by inauthenticity that market.

The Authenticity Enterprises listed here are in various stages of development.

Security technology is not working.

The problems caused by failing security technology take many forms:

  • Phishing attacks
  • Breaches
  • Ransomware
  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Invasion of Privacy
  • Abusive treatment of personal information

Almost all security and privacy problems come from the pervasive lack of accountability in the digital world.

While those problems all share that same root cause, they manifest as separate problems in their respective audiences and markets.

One Source of the problem fits all:

Lack of accountability in the digital world

One Solution fits all:

AUTHENTICITYTM is the condition that exists when we have:

Digital signatures everywhere, backed by

Measurably reliable identity certificates that are

Owned by the Person Identified* and which provide

Privacy via Accountable AnonymityTM.

One Presentation and Packaging of the Solution does not fit all:

Each independent and autonomous Authenticity Enterprise responds to the particular problem – the particular manifestation of lack of accountability – in its target market.

The product of The Authenticity Institute, Inc. is The Authenticity Infrastructure, also known as PKI Done Right. As a platform it serves companies that bring accountability-based security solutions to their target audiences and markets.

The Network Effect Of Authenticity™

While each Authenticity Enterprise brings its solution to a particular manifestation of the pervasive problem of the effects of inauthenticity, the resulting measurably reliable identity certificate brings value to all Authenticity Enterprises.

Thus the Authenticity Enterprise that is responsible for an enrollment earns revenue when the resulting measurably reliable identity certificate is used in the services provided by another Authenticity Enterprise.

Licensed Enterprises


Providing services to other Authenticity Enterprises

The Authenticity Institute, Inc. licenses the Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure and its components to the other Authenticity Enterprises and provides a variety of business services to them, including training and certification, web development, hosting, billing and accounting, ongoing supervision, and recruitment of team members, board members and investors.

Authenticity Capital serves angel investors and crowdsourcing participants by providing opportunities to participate in the development of one or more Authenticity Enterprises.

Reliable Identities, Inc. is a commercial enterprise that manages face-to-face and remote enrollments.

The Council of Attestation Officers recruits and qualifies Attestation Officer candidates from among notary signing agents, Latin notaries, justices of the peace, court reporters, etc.

MailSlot™ is an email solution that Stops Phishing Attacks!
MailSlot™ combines the results of an individual’s identity verification process with a link to an x.509 digital identity certificate issued by the Osmio Vital Records Department (VRD) to create a digitally signed email message. The combination of identity verification and the x.509 digital identity certificate establishes a high level of trust that an email message sent by this individual is who they say they are. This approach is the key to Stopping Phishing attacks through email.

Abyx Properties provides OpenSocial compliant InDoor™ facilities for social networks including MyOwnOffice and MyOwnHome.

Applied Authenticity provides the Roadster™ secure, authenticity-enabled browser and the Door™ client software providing access to InDoor™ facilities.

The Osmio Professional Licensing Board qualifies and licenses Attestation Officers and other Authenticity professionals.

The Osmio Vital Records Department certifies identities and their assessed Identity Quality scores.

Authenticity University offers courses about Authenticity.



The Osmium Group is a commercial enterprise that will provide wallets, i.e. tokens, smartcards, and the Audrey device that plugs into phones, pdas, media players, etc.

PKI Press publishes books about Authenticity for target audiences.

PostOak Associates

The ZK Group provides the MyOwnInformation privacy protection product.

VIVOS, Inc. (enrollment workstations)




Gekko Village

Global Villages, Inc.Media people know that social networking is a powerful way to bring their audience together. But many social network platforms deny them the opportunity to own and control their own audience's meeting place.

Global Villages changes all that. Just as they own their publication, the village® platform lets them offer their subscribers and advertisers the established benefit of "controlled circulation," that is, the knowledge that those in their online community are who they say they are - and that they have a legitimate connection to the community. That's important to their readers - and to the shopkeepers on their Main Street (typically, they're also their advertisers.)

If you have experience in controlled circulation media or the association industry, this Authenticity Enterprise is worth considering. Authenticity Capital will help you raise funding for this enterprise.

Internet Child Protection, Inc. (Gekko Village), Protection of children from adults pretending to be children is one of the main concerns among participants in “mommie blogs”. Internet Child Protection, Inc. enables social networks for children, whose parents can be assured that a ten year old girl is not in actuality a forty year old predator.

If you’re a “mommie blogger” yourself, consider taking the helm of this Authenticity Enterprise. Authenticity Capital can help you raise the funds to launch this worthwhile Authenticity Enterprise.


Village of East Osmio (SquareByte) recruits open source developers and others to train and qualify for Architect, Contractor and Building Inspector professional licenses


Internet Child Protection, Inc .Protection of children from adults pretending to be children is one of the main concerns among participants in “mommie blogs”. Internet Child Protection, Inc. enables social networks for children, whose parents can be assured that a ten year old girl is not in actuality a forty year old predator.

If you’re a “mommie blogger” yourself, consider taking the helm of this Authenticity Enterprise. Authenticity Capital can help you raise the funds to launch this worthwhile Authenticity Enterprise.

Parry Advisory helps financial institutions eliminate the problem of synthetic identities (accounts held in the names of fraudulent identities), account takeover issues, and other challenges borne of the inauthenticity epidemic.

Authentic EHR, In the US, healthcare mandates called HIPAA and EHR are impossible to meet without measurably reliable PKI identity credentials. Health information systems of the EU and other nations are confronting the same challenge.

Let your experience in healthcare information systems put you into the top spot in AuthEHR, Inc. Authenticity Capital will help you find the considerable amount of funding that will be needed for the launch of this company into this complex field.


Authentic APIs, Gartner notes that “as the Internet of Things (IoT) gets smarter, things using an application programming interface (API) to communicate, transact and even negotiate with one another will become the norm….The API economy is an enabler for turning a business or organization into a platform. We live in an API economy, a set of business models and channels based on secure access of functionality and exchange of data.”

The word “secure” deserves special attention here, as supply chain hacks have resulted in denial-of-service attacks and worse. If the API Economy is to become a reality it badly needs Application Programming Interfaces whose code is digitally signed by professionally licensed API code auditors, who take personal and professional responsibility for the integrity of their digitally signed APIs.

Authentic Assistants,

Authentic Auctions,

HSM-ID, Cryptographic keys are truly "the keys to the kingdom," conveying the power of access to all of an organization's proprietary information and processes. Often, access to the Hardware Security Modules where those keys are managed is delegated casually. HSM-ID will educate top management to the need to formalize that trust and assure its management, board and stockholders that the identity and background of those who hold the keys to its kingdom meet objective standards of quality.

HSM-ID, Inc. needs a CEO with experience in marketing to C-suite decision makers, along with a moderate amount of capital.

Authentic Data Rooms providing measurably reliable identities and InDoor technology to operators of online "data rooms" where participants in M&A transactions share deal-related documents.

Authentic Key Management provides PCI and state compliance solutions via encryption key management and tokenization.

Reliable OpenID offers RelOID, an OpenID-compatible Osmio VRD identity credential

AuthentiCIP, providing measurably reliable identities to operators of critical infrastructure facilities (electric power generation and distribution, water supply, Internet hosting and transport, etc.)

AuthentiBank, providing measurably reliable identities to banking and financial services industries

AuthentiMatch, Inc. allows operators of resource sharing sites (sharing of cars, apartments, equipment, etc. among strangers), dating services, and online communities to provide accountability to their users.

Authentrus helps members of boards of directors bring the benefits of accountability-based security into the organizations for which they are responsible.

Authentic NFT Blockchain has enabled the Non-Fungible Token phenomenon, where adventurous individuals are suddenly bidding millions of dollars for “ownership” of digital objects, from rare tweets to images to videos to works of literature. Buyers of these items are starting to understand the importance of the word “provenance” in art collecting even if they don’t use the word.

Your blockchain experience, along with the Accountable Anonymity of the Authenticity Infrastructure will let Authentic NFC protect the investments of buyers and sellers of NFCs. The highly energized blockchain-NFC environment means that Authentic NFC can possibly be launched with minimal capital. Authentic IAM, Inc. - needs a site!

Vendors of Identity and Access Management products, whether for installation on-prem or on cloud facilities, are missing the last mile of their solution. While they successfully gate access to applications, their clients need to know that the access credentials are in the hands of those identified, and not impostors.

Put your experience in marketing components and services to software solutions vendors to work in building value for yourself as CEO of Authentic IAM, Inc. Authenticity Capital will help you raise the moderate amount of capital required for this Authenticity Enterprise.

InDoor Accounting, Inc. will provide a hosted version of the NolaPro accounting system inside facilities with occupancy permits (also serves QEA member enterprises.)

Identity Fortress is a commercial enterprise that markets the MyOwnInformation privacy protection product to vendors of identity theft protection services.

AuthentiGoods provides digitally signed authenticity devices to manufacturers who suffer from counterfeiters of their products.

Authentic Building Access

Authentic Containers

Authentic CASB

Authentic DNS

Authentic IAM

Authentic Images

Authentic MSSP

Authentic News

Authentic Notifications

Authentic PCI

Authentic Reputations

Authentic Reviews

Authentic RFID




Authenticity for Hospitality

AuthentiCloud Encrypted cloud-based file sharing systems keep unauthorized people, including those who run the servers, from seeing confidential information. But that still leaves the question: How does a user securely share the decryption key? Authenti.Cloud solves the problem by ensuring that the key itself is only available to the intended properly enrolled, recipient.

Your substantial marketing experience in practically any IT field will put you in a good position for the top job at Authenti.Cloud. Authenticity Capital will work with you to raise the funding for your launch.























Business In A Box


Connected Home

Contractor Authenticity

Department of Public Intellectual Property

Endpoint Authenticity

Fidociary Trust Company

Gambling Industry Ids



Me, Inc.


On The Go ID

Personal Assistants, Inc.



Retail Authenticity

RiSE, Inc.

The Authenticity Party


Virtuous Machines, Inc




Reliable Signatures provides true digital signatures, as contrasted with “electronic signatures”.


The greatest inflection points happen when an entrepreneur offers what people want but didn't know they could have. Authenticity is an eminently producible product that is desperately needed.

And you can be the one to bring the news to your audience: they can have Authenticity!

Learn how the enterprises of the Authenticity Alliance bring Authenticity to their chosen markets and audiences, built upon the acclaimed Quiet Enjoyment Infrastructure tools from The Authenticity Institute.